Business Litigation

Business disputes manifest in various ways

Sometimes a business must enter the uncertain waters of litigation. You might run into issues with purchases or services, contract disputes, or lease issues that threaten the reputation and financial health of your business. These are serious matters which require legal guidance to successfully resolve. Attempting to tackle these issues on your own could place yourself and your business in jeopardy. I do my best to solve cases through the most efficient and cost-effective means possible. Often, this means coming to an agreement through settlement, mediation, or arbitration, but I will fight to defend you thoroughly and aggressively in the courtroom when needed. My sense of personal investment in my partnership with clients means that I will make your priorities and needs paramount.

Purchases or Services Issues

Perhaps you struck an oral agreement. Perhaps your contract didn’t cover this eventuality. Perhaps goods weren’t delivered on time or were substandard quality. Perhaps someone unfairly accuses you of not holding up your end of the bargain. Regardless of how the buyer and purveyor of goods came to a disagreement, my experience with California agricultural businesses, among others, has prepared me to bring my legal understanding in service to your businesses needs.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes, perhaps the most common type of business litigation, can take a wide range of forms. They can include the sale of goods, interpretation of agreements, and service contracts, to name a few. You might think it would be a simple matter of referring to the writing in the contract and the judge enforcing it, but in reality,  successful resolution of contract disputes requires an intimate knowledge of contract law, local precedent, and the ability to work with the other party towards resolution.

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Lease Issues

If taking the case to court is going to be the best way forward for your particular needs, I will represent your case in a thorough and aggressive matter. Once I take a client on, I have a long-term, personal sense of investment in their well-being.

In any lease dispute, both parties desire to maximize the profit and the safety of their business. Whether the issue is taxes, continuous operations clauses, maintenance of the common areas, exclusivity provisions, termination agreements, security, premises liability, or something else, either the tenant or the landlord may need to seek the law to resolve the issue.

Get the Representation You Deserve 

Business litigation happens. Contract disputes, lease, and purchase issues should be resolved by a lawyer who has your best interests in mind. My clients’ successes are my successes. I know firsthand from my own childhood how tense litigation can be. Through the process, I will ensure you understand the big picture so that you feel equipped to make decisions.

Going to court over business litigation can be expensive and time-consuming. I prioritize finding alternatives such as settlement, mediation, or arbitration. I focus on finding the alternative that best meets the needs of your business.

I Will Fight for You Thoroughly and Aggressively

If there is a way to resolve your case through settlement, mediation, or arbitration, I will find it. After all, my goal is to simplify your life and deliver a cost-effective solution. However, if litigation is necessary, know that I will fight to defend you. I have many years of experience in the courtroom, and I would be honored to help protect you and your business. Describe your matter below and we can discuss your options.